What color should I paint my front door? 7 tips and photos

Are you wondering what color to paint your front door? Know that it doesn’t have to match the trim or shutters. You can draw more attention to the front door if it is a unique color.

The most popular photo of a front door

Here are 7 ideas and photos:
1) You could paint the door a darker version of the trim (ask the paint store to mix the same paint in 200% strength). This will insure the paint has the same combination of paint tones, unlike using a different paint on the same paint card.
2) Consider a color that you’d like to “pull out” of your brick or stone surround. Example, if the brick or stone is predominantly tan with some variations of charcoal or brown, you could pull out that color for the door. (see photo below)

Front door in groute color
3) You could repeat the color of the stain or paint on the garage door. See photo below.

4) You could paint your door the same color as the floor or seating on the front porch.

5) If you want to draw more attention to the entrance (or even detract from a part of the house that is not appealing) – consider a daring color. See photos below.

Unique front door color

6) A tip that might save you from repainting – it’s best to paint a poster board and live with it a few days before you change the color. You can get a $6 sample paint container from your local paint store. It’s fun to try several different colors!

7) If you’re going for an elegant look, you can go with a stained wood, or even a faux stain. Note that most wood stains won’t last as long as paint, unless it’s under a porch or it doesn’t get harsh sun.

Elegant front entrance

Painting your front door is a fun way to update your home, and selecting a cheerful color is a good way to make your entrance welcoming.
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