When I entertain, how do I get guests to move from the kitchen to the living room? 5 tips to lure guests to the living room!

We’ve all had the same problem, everyone stays in the kitchen, no matter how crowded it gets. It can be fun for awhile, but then you wish everyone would spread out among the other living areas. Here’s 5 tips to lure guests away from the kitchen! 1)  Make use of a console table or sofa […]

Four best ways to decorate each side of the fireplace!

Decorating each side of the fireplace the best way will insure it compliments the fireplace mantle. Here we’ll show 4 clever design ideas to furnish and decorate the recessed niche areas beside the fireplace. First, know that you have several options. You are not limited to the normal built in bookcases. 1) Wall to wall […]

How to turn a closet or furniture piece into a bar, 4 amazing options! A

To create an ideal area for a home bar, you may already have a closet, cabinet, or furniture piece in your home that is a perfect spot to store liquor or wine! See the 4 ideas below.   The above piece is ideal because it has doors instead of drawers, and a stone topwhich won’t […]