How to decorate a room without changing the furniture or the wall paint?

If you’re looking for an immediate update to a room, know that it doesn’t always require time consuming or expensive changes! Adding new pillows, art, or accessories you can make a room feel more interesting and cozy overnight! In this pro football player’s home, our client said they wanted to keep their existing furniture and […]

How to decorate the dining table for Thanksgiving, see these table settings!

Ready to embrace the fall season? See how these homeowners decorated for fall with centerpieces, using seasonal fruits and vegetables, and other fall foliage. These fall colors add a welcoming touch for the entire season, and can last through Thanksgiving day for your table decorating needs. This dining table arrangement is nice and low so guests can […]

How to accessorise bookcases

After adding larger accessories´╗┐´╗┐ Before, with small accessories Your accessory options for sheves and bookcases are endless! You can add lamps, art, and items you’ve collected while traveling. There are three main rules of thumb that will make your bookcases look great: 1) Size & Scale – If your room is large, or if it has high ceilings, then […]