Individual window treatments or one continuous wall of drapes?

Do you have a wall with several windows which may or may not be treated with one continuous wall of drapes?   should put separate window treatments on each window? Here we’ll share before and after photos to help you visualize some options. We’ll also go over some pros and cons and factors regarding one wall of drapes versus separate drapes for each window.

Advantages of treating the entire wall with one window treatment or drape:

1) Drapes can look luxurious!

Not sure if it would be overpowering? Check out the before and after photo below! Full length wall of window treatments always looks luxurious. It can make a small bedroom feel cozy.

One word of warning – a busy print could be overwhelming, while a solid fabric is always safe, that is, if you want it to be timeless

2) A drape wall can solve lack or symmetry or different size and shape windows. 

Perhaps one window is shorter than the rest? Or not symmetrical in placement? Any odd shaped windows can be disguised by covering the entire wall with drapes! And if you don’t want to block daylight, you can hang a double rod, with sheers and drapes combined.

3) Drapes allow you to place the bed in front of the window, even if the windows are not centered or in the wrong place. 

Notice it’s no longer an issue if the bed isn’t centered on the wall? And notice that if the bed is only in front of PART of the window it’s no longer a problem? The long continuous wall of drapes is now a nice backdrop for any size bed.

Above, the window placement is no longer an issue, the bed can be in front of part of the windows.

Notice the separate windows are dressed as one long window in this after photo 
Drapes along the entire wall made separate windows feel like one large wall of windows.
See before photo below.

BEFORE, the drapes were placed a each separate window. 

Now for the flip side. Here are disadvantages of covering the entire wall with drapes:

1) Covering the entire wall with fabric will be more expensive. 

  • You’ll need more yards of fabric & labor
  • The hardware will be wider, therefore more expensive
2) You won’t like big or tall furniture in front of the drapes. 

However, keep in mind you could place a pair of chairs, a console table, or a low piece like the desk shown right in front of the window. Furniture that can be pulled a few inches out from the window can look great in front of a drape or sheers! 

Would you like more window treatment ideas? For the popular blog and best before and after window treatments – see this link:

Treating each window with a window treatment versus the entire wall is an easy decision if you consider the pros and cons listed above. It can make or break a room, so it’s wise to spread the fabric out, and consider the advantages of each. A continuous wall of sheers and drape combination can be an ideal solution.

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  1. My hubby thought he hated drapes, but we love the ones you installed.
    Can’t wait to do more!
    Would love to see more photos of drapes with intense colors

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