How to furnish a game room so the entire family will enjoy it!

Do you have a basement or bonus room which would make a great game room? Do you want a room that can have fun activities for both children and adults? 

In trying to decide how to lay out the room, perhaps you’re considering theater seating, a sectional, a game table, a pool table? Here, we’ll pass along feedback we’ve heard through the years. 

6 tips to read before furnishing your basement or bonus room! 

1) Fooze ball, air hockey, pool table?  
These are all things children, teenagers and adults can enjoy. This is the feedback we hear – people often spend so much of the budget on their TV, surround sound stereo system, and theater seating that they forgot to budget for things that allow you to play games and stay active! 
If you’re overwhelmed with the choices, know that the dimensions required for each table may make the decision for you. If not, then budget decisions will. A ping pong table is very inexpensive, a pool table is the priciest of all the above options.  
This pool table made the basement fun for the entire family!
2) Add color!  

This is not a space to be conservative! It’s the room to go daring, fun, and cheerful! In the Greensboro, NC home, the client originally asked for a wall paint color to repaint the walls. We suggested using the budget towards colorful art instead! The walls were in great condition, and the room would’ve lacked personality without the addition of large colorful art. Also, a couple of pieces of art is often less expensive than labor for repainting. 
3) Comfortable seating in durable leather or fabric!

The best way to seat a large group is with a sectional. The sofa shown below is a durable leather, so teenagers can entertain without worrying about spills! A qualified designers can make recommendations about the durability of fabrics, it all boils down to the content (example rayon versus cotton etc) and the “rub factor”. Manufacturers today list the rub factor after strenuous testing of fabrics.

4) Add a mini bar or kitchen!

If your bonus room or basement is a flight away from the kitchen, you’ll want a closer source for snacks, ice, or cold drinks. It doesn’t have to be a full kitchen, but it’s handy to have a microwave, a small sink and a mini refrigerator. If your play area is a long way from the main kitchen, it’s even better if you can add a small dishwasher as shown. As for the cabinets in your game room kitchen, they don’t have to be the quality of your main level. It’s amazing what Ikea has lately, if you’re up for the task. Or, as shown below, the client thought they had to remodel the entire kitchen because the cabinets were not attractive. We solved what they didn’t like for thousands less than starting over and remodeling!

This mini kitchen with bar stools makes a basement functional

5) Think about sound!

Want a place where people can cheer on their partner, play music and not worry about sound? A place children will truly enjoy? Then it’s important to make sure you consider acoustic solutions.

People often remove walls at stairways to bonus rooms and basements, then tell us the rooms are too noisy to be able to relax in other areas of the home! Let’s face it, you won’t encourage your children to have friends over if the game room is too noisy. So, before removing walls and doors, ask yourself how noisy it will be when your children have friends over!

If you don’t have the walls to help with sound control, and you’re not ready to sink money into remodeling, here’s 3 solutions that help reduce noise:
a) large rugs
b) window treatments (they absorb sound)
c) fabric on the walls (think padded areas inside molding)

6) Add recessed lighting in the ceiling molding!

As shown below, it’s not as expensive as one would think, it can make a major impact. Also shown below is a flat screen TV in the bar area.

A play room or game room needs optimum seating, cheerful colors, sound solutions and durability. Rather than spend the entire budget on a basement or bonus room kitchen, or the theater system, make a list of all the things you’ll want in the room. Whether it be a pool table, ping pong table, game table, fooze ball, any combination of these can make the room more fun! A priority list will help you keep the biggest goals in mind, so you can get those things you know you’ll use the most and have fun using!

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  1. In our last home we devoted far too much money to the home theater. We regretted the bulky theater seats. I agree about allowing for a pool table,
    Ping pong table or air hockey. That’s why they call it then a GAME room!

  2. Its my dream of having a game room in my house where I along with my husband and kids could enjoy playing different games. I will surely follow your tips whenever I construct game room in my house.

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