What size and layout for a collage of family photos? 7 tips for a photo gallery!

Trying to decide the sizes and layout for hanging a collage of photos? Here’s 6 tips, to help capture memories & showcase a gallery of family photos. These tips also work for showcasing your work in an office or waiting room too! 

1) Bigger is Better! 
Nice large photos work best, especially consider the size and scale of the room. Example – Rather than 12 small photos, it creates more impact if you use your favorite 4 or 5 in a large size.

2) Use computer programs! 

There are photo gallery programs available, such as:

  • Gallery Designer by Fundy Software which has an easy-to-use interface on a PC/Mac
  • Preveal, an iPad app with a huge library of templates as well as the ability to design your own templates. With some programs you can place the photos in your own room so you’ll know how they look! As shown below. 
Photo gallery in hallway 
3) Insert a nature scene! Perhaps a photo of your favorite place? It’s nice to add color & variety.  
Collage of favorite places and family photos
Our interior design service in this Greensboro, NC office space allowed the 
photographer to showcase his work.
Photo grouping with nature scene & gallery of family photos

4) Adjust colors!

Perhaps the colors aren’t your favorite. This can be adjusted by a professional.
See left & below.

The vertical shape is better than the original horizontal art (before below)

5) Vertical beats horizontal! 
A vertical collage will make your ceilings feel taller. 

Photos groupings are a great way to showcase work in an office or waiting room! A photo gallery in a dentist office or spa waiting room is like a glimpse of your portfolio! It sets the mood – once you see these photos –  it’s hard not to stop in for a hot stone massage!

6) Be creative with unique shapes!
Play with your templates and matting! This grouping of family photos in a hallway is a good example. These framed photos make an artistic statement!


7) Use tone on tone fabrics! 
Subtle or tone on tone fabrics won’t back you into a corner regarding the colors in the photos. They also don’t “compete with” the photos. People tell us they love tone on tone fabrics because they’re timeless & soothing!

A photo gallery or collage is a great way to display your favorite family photos.

The client’s feedback: The meeting space in my studio used to scream, “leftover eclectic” and now is both stylish and comfortable. Deborah has worked tirelessly to provide options, listen well to my likes and dislikes, push me a little on style and always deliver a great look. 

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7 thoughts on “What size and layout for a collage of family photos? 7 tips for a photo gallery!

  1. Deborah, thank you for your guidance and amazing furniture-finding skills for making the meeting space of my studio so incredible!! Each time a repeat client comes in, they are blown away, and new clients just love the space. Mixing the environmental tree photograph with the family photos was also a great idea and has been well received. Looking forward to working with you more as we get the rest of the studio up to snuff!

    Andrew Bowen
    Andrew Bowen Photography

  2. Nick, for reference, the photos in that collages are 16×20 float-wrap prints. The center piece is a custom-sized canvas at 20×36. That size was selected by using a preview tool and selecting a size that worked well. Standard sizes didn't work as well, and when you use a professional lab for your work, the cost of a custom size is usually small. The total height of the collage is about 42" and the total width is about 56".

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