How to decorate my foyer on a budget?

To decorate or add a designer touch to your foyer, it’s an area where you may be able to bring in things from another room, perhaps a bench, a floor lamp, a fun mirror, a table lamp set on a timer, a narrow table with a bowl for your keys.

AFTER above
This client thought they needed to invest thousands in iron balusters & tile. We updated their entrance with paint & accessories & kept them in budget so they could do other rooms too! 

BEFORE below

A Foyer with fresh white paint is very appealing! Notice
how the white paint draws attention to the light fixture & the stained front door. 

A new Chandelier – 

Notice the huge impact an updated chandelier makes, it changes the personality of the entire foyer! If your ceiling heights are low, you’ll need to check the overall height. At the same time, it’s best to get a nice substantial chandelier that doesn’t look skimpy. Normally bigger is better, to add drama.

A Foyer with a black console & beautiful light fixtures
Perhaps you have a piece of furniture which would look nice with black paint and new hardware?

A console table 

The black painted piece above makes a statement in this foyer. Black is stunning next to the silver walls and silver leaf sconces in this foyer. If you have a piece of furniture that seems boring, perhaps you could have it professionally spray painted in black with a sheen.

A foyer with a host and hostess chair for seating, a beaitiful wood stained front
door stands out next to the white trim paint. The art is a nice size & scale for the room.

A pair of chairs!

It’s nice to have somewhere to take your shoes off in a foyer. Perhaps you have a pair of chairs you could “borrow” from the dining room or den? A host and hostess chair look great n the foyer photo above, the create symmetry and make the room functional.

Abstract or contemporary art!
There’s nothing that will update a foyer more in a traditional home. If you have low ceilings, be sure to use vertical art, which will make the ceilings feel taller. Notice above the combination of concrete, twigs, fabric, rocks and wood. This creates an organic natural feel to this foyer.

The front door is craftsmen style, and the walls have a cottage feel, so the colorful abstract art with traditional furniture brings an unexpected twist!

For many more before/after photos of foyers & entrance areas, see this link

A foyer or entrance area is the first impression someone has of your home, it’s a great place to make people feel welcome. To decorate your foyer, look around the house, perhaps you can borrow a chair from another room? Or move art from another wall? Or perhaps all you need is fresh paint on the front door? Have fun with it!

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  1. Interior designing in low budget is actually in art so we must control budget for this purpose

    Interior designing in low budget is actually in art so we must control budget for this purpose

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