What type sofa cushions are best?

Wondering what type sofa cushion? There are strong preferences for various types of cushions. Some people love feather and down, surrounding inner springs, other people prefer foam. Foam is a more firm, less “cushy” type of feel. Here we’ll list the advantages of each. Some people insist 3 seat cushions are best, others prefer 2 seat cushions. We’ll list the advantages to each, including one long seat cushion:

1) With three seat cushions, three people are more comfortable. No one wants to sit on a crack in the middle! 


Have you ever seen 3 people share a sofa at a party? It’s rare, it normally only happens when it’s either a close family, or small children, (instead of large adults). Because, let’s face it, when two people are having a conversation on the sofa, it feels rude to plop down in between them!

2) If the sofa is really long, it will probably look better with 3 seat cushions.

After (In progress)
When we recovered this sofa, we changed the 3 back cushions to 2 cushions.
The pillows stay in place now, before they were always messy looking. (see photo below) 


with 3 saggy cushions on the back of the sofa

The sofa below shows a crown cushion, which is achieved not through foam, but through feather and down cushion. The advantage is that it’s super comfy. The only disadvantages are the price, and it must be flipped every few weeks to retain it’s shape. A select few people don’t like this type, my parents are at the age they’d rather have something that’s easy to stand up from. But if you’re looking for a plush & comfy cushion style – this is the one for you!

6) You might want to request an upgraded “crown” seat cushion
Notice the high loft in the photo below. This curved “crown” is normally an upgrade, versus a flat seat cushion, it looks higher quality, and gives the sofa a plush overstuffed look. 

3)  If the cushions are loose (not attached), you can flip them more often.
This allows you to keep the shape nice and it gives you the option of hiding stains….(that is, if there are three alike instead of two “T shaped” cushions). If you’re having a sofa recovered, ask if they will put fabric versus black lining on the underside of the cushions.

4) To decide between feather and down versus foam cushions, keep in mind that feather and down cushions will need to be “flipped” (rotated) or they’ll get flat and uncomfortable. If you can do that every few weeks they are the more luxurious look (instead of foam).

5) The highest quality cushions have SPRING DOWN.
They’re similar to the springs of a mattress, then encased and surrounded by feather and down. This is often possible as an upcharge.

I do have one recommendation – if there are only 2 seat cushions, it’s best if there are only 2 back pillows,  See the before and after photos!

Before shopping at a furniture store, measure your space available to see how long your sofa can be, decide what arm style you like, and think about the cushions – whether you prefer loose pillows versus tight (attached) back cushions.  Now that you know how to shop for a sofa, it will be a faster and easier process! Once you find a comfortable one, know that you can use COM (customer’s own material). You simply mail the bolt of fabric, and they’ll apply it for you.


The back cushions on this sofa take on a metropolitan or contemporary feeling, the single tuft in the center gives the cushion style, and the loose pillow back allows for more comfort than a tight back sofa.

7) If you think you prefer one long seat cushion instead of three cushions, be sure to test it!
The best way to “test sit” it is to have a large person plop down. Do the ends rise when you sit in the middle? If not, you’re go to go! Our client below requested one seat cushion for the clean look. See photo below.

Layout for TV viewing? 
Leather versus fabric?
Before & after photos –  
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What type sofa cushion is best is strongly determined by what’s comfortable to you, whether you’re willing to flip and fluff cushions, and whether you have allergies to feather and down.

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