What shape and size dining table should I get?

Wondering what shape dining table and how to layout the room? Check out these
fabulous designer dining room photos…..with fun ways to update a dining room!

If you are considering a long rectangular dining table, allow 24″ for
each person (this will determine the number of chairs, but also
consider the width of each chair). Notice the storage at right, which is
a nice change from the typical dining room layout with a big hutch.
In this Greensboro NC dining room, the homeowner moves 4 chairs
to the living area when they’re not needed for formal dining. This allows the dining
 table to multi function as a desk or conference area for home office needs. 
A round dining table allows the best conversation, since
guests can see each other. Also, most of them come with leaves
that either convert the table to a larger round table or oval table.

Most people think a dining table needs to take up the majority of the space, but if the room is very large, try to think
outside the box – perhaps a fireplace? Live greenery such as the trees shown here….. or a separate seating area. 

Pedestal dining tables allow more chairs to be
added than if your dining table has legs. 

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  1. We will definitely be interested in your thoughts on size/shape dining table for our new house. Because of where the door to the deck is and the angle to the kitchen counter, I think round might be best. We have a lot of windows around the dining area and I have seen other pictures I liked, too, with large plants like you show above. Like you suggested here, we do not want a big buffet/hutch but a more streamlined look that flows to outside that is cheerful and colorful. I liked the colors in the rug featured above.

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