How to update a kitchen on a budget, 6 tips and photos for alternatives to a complete remodeling job.

6 Ideas to update a kitchen on a budget! If you think there’s no alternative to a full kitchen remodel, think again! There are easy solutions to update a kitchen on a budget. A complete remodel can be time consuming, costly, and a big inconvenience. Here are 6 tips for updating your kitchen on a budget. Add Glass Doors! […]

Six important tips for replacing kitchen cabinets. Visit these tips from Greensboro, NC.

1) Compare brands. Consider a custom island with  the remainder of cabinets in semi- custom, to help with the budget! 2) Ask yourself –  Is there architectural appeal? Where can we vary the height & depth? 3) Consider upgrading the interiors, example, do you want tray drawers in the cabinets? 4) Select a finish you won’t tire of. Avoid a trendy look. 5) […]