Add rustic wood beams to a contemporary room – 4 unique ways!

Don’t you just love the warmth & character that rustic wood beams provide? Wood beams aren’t just for ceilings, that’s an expensive place to add them, because you’d need 5 to 10 beams. If you want to add wood beams on a limited budget, we’ll show you 4 inspiration photos! Even if the rest of […]

How to make my rooms look more upscale and contemporary without replacing the furniture?

Want your rooms to convey fun, sexy, fresh, updated, contemporary, and higher quality? Well you’re not alone! Every week clients ask for unique exciting styles, and a home that doesn’t feel like their great grand parent’s home. They tell us they want their home to be a place they love to come home to and […]

How to make a small room look larger in one weekend, 4 quick fix tips.

To make a room feel larger, you need to make the ceilings feel taller. But what if you want a quick immediate fix, that can be done in one day? No problem! Interior designers use four methods that “trick the eye” and instantly make a room feel larger. In fact, the change is so amazing […]

How to furnish and paint a room with slanted ceiling or dormer walls?

A low slanted ceiling or dormer area can look amazing with a few designer tricks. Here we’ll provide tips for painting and furnishing a room with slanted ceilings and dormers, so they’ll be architecturally appealing. 1) PAINT THE SLANTED CEILING!  If the slanted area is the same color as the walls (instead of ceiling white) […]

How to decorate a room in white, 4 must read tips for durable ways to use white.

Interested in decorating in a clean white style?  Here are 4 ways to add white, and still have a room that’s durable for your family.  1) paint the brick, mantle, or walls bright white. Your existing woodwork and trim will affect this, if you have cream or ivory woodwork, it would have to be painted […]

How to maximize seating in a family room for TV viewing, with tips for room layouts.

In order to seat lots of people, this long narrow living room needed a redo. See the before and after photo, the room can seat several more people now. We made a custom sectional to make use of what used to be wasted space, then on the opposite wall, we replaced a loveseat with two […]

What type host and hostess dining chairs, a contrast style for a unique look.

An upholstered host and hostess chair in the dining room will help break up the monotony of the matching set, it is a great way to add color and texture though beautiful fabrics. Dining Host and Hostess chair  BEFORE Comfortable Dining chairmahogany legs  If you are ready for a change in your dining room, think […]

How to make a room feel larger and the ceilings feel taller, 4 designer tricks

To make your room feel larger or your ceilings feel taller, create an optical illusion. During installations,we always get this feedback “my ceilings look taller” and/or “my room looks bigger“. It’s very exciting how it tricks the eye, it works every time if the window treatments are done correctly. It’s hard to capture in a […]

Convert the living room into a home office, with these 9 must read tips !

It’s easier than you think to turn your living room into a library or home office here are 8 helpful tips. When you convert an unused room into a home office or library, it will feel like you added square footage to your home! If the space is rarely used, it’s worth it to convert […]