How to make my drapes easier to close? 5 must read tips for functioning drapes.

There are several options that make drapes easier to open and close. The top 5 solutions for functioning drapes are listed below. Functioning drapes that open and close  Top 5 solutions to make drapes easier to open and close:1) Put silicone on top of the drapery pole. Important – make sure the silicone product does […]

How to select the right window treatment rods, 5 mistakes to avoid on your drapery hardware!

1) A rod that is too small in diameter will sag in the middle. If your drapes will open and close, you’ll need either a large enough diameter, such as wooden rods, or you’ll need a high quality rod that doesn’t telescope so much that it will sag. Some window treatment hardware has more subtle […]

What type window treatment hardware, wood, iron, or metal?

Window treatment hardware varies from very thin, clean, and contemporary, to the opposite extreme of wooden poles, that are fluted with ornate finials. I’ll list some of the advantages of each style….I will say that in the end the hardware will not demand much attention, because other items such as the drapes, rugs, paintings etc […]