How to hide drape hardware? 5 interior design tips for a clean contemporary look!

There are ways to hang drapes so that the hardware doesn’t show. That can provide a clean contemporary look. 1) Drapery hardware can be hidden behind crown moldings, such as a built in valance.A boxed in frame is a nice way to hide hardware. You’ll need a carpenter to frame in the shape. Check the […]

How to make my drapes easier to close? 5 must read tips for functioning drapes.

There are several options that make drapes easier to open and close. The top 5 solutions for functioning drapes are listed below. Functioning drapes that open and close  Top 5 solutions to make drapes easier to open and close:1) Put silicone on top of the drapery pole. Important – make sure the silicone product does […]

What privacy solutions are best for uneven height windows or two story windows, without blocking the view?! Six interior design solutions!

Do you have uneven height windows or two story windows that seem impossible to create privacy solutions without blocking your view? 6 must read tips from an interior designer. 1) Often the choice of window treatment hardware is what matters – it can make or break whether window treatments are possible. Notice the small finials […]