Best valances for windows with different sizes.

There are lots of valances that work great in a room with several windows that vary in width and length. Do you have a combination of double windows, single windows, or triple windows? Or several windows that all vary in size? There are lots of valances that work great in a room with several windows […]

Window valance over shades or shutters, can I use both?

Can I add a window valance to shutters or blinds? We often get this question, and the answer is definitely yes! Especially since shutters and valances serve a different function. When adding a valance over privacy shutters or blinds, you’ll need to keep two things in mind. 1) The valance will need to be on a […]

What size and shape should I make a window valance? 5 tips designers like Candice Olsen use for making window treatments!

The size of your valance is based on three things, how much wall space you have available, whether you prefer to hide your blinds behind the valance, and what the room size dictates.  1) Create a paper pattern!  This will help you visualize the best size for your valance. As a rule of thumb, we […]

5 best window treatment styles for valances, cornices, and shades

The five best window treatment styles for valances, cornices and shades are shown here. These are popular because they make windows look much bigger!  They add color, texture, and eye appeal to a room. Window valances can also solve privacy needs, for example functioning roman shades.    1) Window valance with a contrast band. AFTER […]

How to update my master bathroom with rugs, valances, paint, and hardware

When you update your master bathroom, the entire master suite feels more luxurious. People often forget that small things can often make a huge impact – for the least amount of money.– a large plush rug to replace the small rugs at each sink– a custom window valance to add color and texture – new […]

Are valances out of style? 4 must read tips for finding a good valance fabric and style.

Are valances out of style? Well…..that depends on the style, sometimes they do scream “1980’s!!” Whether it be for a kitchen window, a bathroom window, or an office, a valance can make a wonderful improvement. For 3 main reasons:1) CEILINGS WILL FEEL TALLER2) THE WINDOWS WILL FEEL LARGER & MORE EXPENSIVE3) THE ROOM WILL FEEL […]

Valance or drapes? What window treatment is best for my window?

People often ask if their window needs a valance or “some type of window treatment above the drapes” instead of just drapes alone. To determine the right window treatment style, it depends on a lot of variable, the shape of the window, how you use the room, if the window treatments need to function to […]

Best valance styles for kitchens, baths, and bedrooms

These are the best looking valance styles. They are unique, clean and simple, and have a timeless style.  These photos range from very easy to make (which you could sew & hang as a weekend project) to more complicated. If budget is key, notice that some valances are stapled to a 1 x 4 board, so you don’t have to purchase a […]

To find window treatments that make your windows seem larger, see this Greensboro, NC Homeowner’s valance!

After adding a new window valance & art Before valance This Greensboro client knew they wanted new window treatments, but they didn’t dream they would actually affect how large the room felt! Notice how the placement, shape, & style of the window treatments valance affect how tall the windows feel?  You can see many more before and after photos at […]

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