3 Best storage solutions for your home office!

A home office can be functional with lots of storage, even if you don’t want to invest in built in storage cabinets!

The office below needed a spot for the printer, the router, and lots of files. But a file drawer cabinet would not have solved all three needs, so we suggested 3 ring binders for paperwork instead. This Greensboro NC homeowner can now keep her desk clear for three things – a lap top, a lamp, and a family photo!

1) For furniture – get the largest width and height your room can accommodate

Notice below the storage cabinet is 74″ wide, for ample storage. Behind the leather and nail head doors there is a nice deep drawer for tape, staples, copy paper, printer ink and all those necessities.

AFTER above, Home office with storage solution 

2) If you prefer built in cabinets, consider Ikea or reasonably priced kitchen cabinets with drawers! 

It’s best to avoid too much open shelving, and opt more more doors and drawers. That can keep your space from looking cluttered. Unless you have hundreds of books you need to display, know that most items are better behind drawers and doors.

3) Make use of closets!

Not everything needs to be on display. Perhaps your older papers could be in metal file drawers inside closets?  That’s how we made this Greensboro NC Home Office look so neat…..we put tall metal file cabinets in the closet.

Do you have storage solutions for a home office? We love to hear your thoughts! click the word “comment” below. Or, for questions, be sure to email us instead.
A home office doesn’t have to have expensive custom cabinetry, by using stock cabinets from Home Depot or a large credenza you can get lots of storage without breaking the bank!

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