Window treatments for commercial spaces & furniture showrooms, 5 design tips.

The best window treatments for a commercial space or furniture showroom will solve 6 criteria, listed below. Notice the linen we suggested for the showroom below, in a neutral tone so it doesn’t compete with merchandise that is for sale. More importantly, the linen is sheer so the room still gets lots of light, even during those times of day when the sun is harsh. We also provided the pros and cons for other options….large shades or blinds versus drapes.

In the commercial space below we recommended a linen fabric that accomplished 5 things:

1) It diffuses the harsh sun that beats in, without totally blocking the light
2) The fabric compliments the wood & leather furniture and “softens” the room for a lived in look.
3) It provides sound absorption!
4) It is light in color and blends with the wall color, so it doesn’t demand attention.
5) It’s timeless, not trendy. If you have large windows, this is important so you won’t need to replace them often.
6) The tall drapes accentuate the nice tall ceiling heights.

At the Four Hands Showroom, we recommended the perfect window treatment! 
See before & after:

Four Hands Showroom in High Point


Leather, wood, concrete, brick all look great with the addition of a linen texture. We recommended Linen drapes because they make a commercial space feel “more like home”, and isn’t that the goal when selling furniture, lighting, or accessories?

Linen is a good option for a commercial space window

Another option is remote control shades. Here are advantages and disadvantages for electronic window shades:

1) The remote control could get misplaced.
2) The heights can be tricky to adjust, with some shades being an inch or two higher or lower than others. If the “uneven” look will bother you, keep this in mind!
3) It can be a very contemporary or business like look, if that’s what you prefer.
4) Electronic shades can be much pricier than drapes, so the real question is, do you need to open and close them often?
5) Some brands will pass fire code restrictions for commercial spaces.

When you keep all the criteria you need to solve in mind, such as the 5 criteria listed above, you’ll end up with a look that is best for many years. For a commercial space, the right window treatments can really improve the look and function of the space.

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