How to incorporate boulders & rocks into a landscape plan or fire pit, 4 must read tips.

To incorporate boulders and rocks into your landscape plan, here’s 4 helpful tips we learned during the process. Boulders add texture & color to your lawn, and best of all – they’re maintenance free. 
It’s so much easier than pruning & maintaining shrubs! 

Boulders mixed with flagstone and pebbles for a natural path or walkway

Here’s 4 helpful tips for adding boulders to your landscape plan:
1) Keep size & scale in mind, if your trees are large, you’ll want at least a couple of big rocks, when they’re on a pallet they’ll seem big, but once you get them home they feel smaller. It’s good to select some large rocks to mix in with medium size. Rodney at Scott’s Stone in Greensboro, NC was great to work with.  
2) Think about where you want them before the delivery arrives, that way you can place the boulders in the best spot with a piggy back forklift. 
AFTER above BEFORE below

The professional landscape company recommended lots of shrubs, which were fine at first, but within a short time, they were too big no matter how often you prune them.  They did not keep in mind our “low maintenance” request. They appear crowded & overgrown, and hide your brick. Rocks & boulders were a nice alternative to add texture & colors. Best of all – they’re maintenance free!! 
3) If you place rocks on both sides of the yard it will feel more “balanced”.  
4) Drought tolerant perennials or flowers are so much easier than trimming shrubs! 

For sidewalks or patios with flagstone, Gold Dust or grass works nice in my opinion (instead of mortar). With Gold Dust basically you sweep it in with a broom, rinse it several times, and it turns into “mortar”. Following Mfg directions, it’s easy for a homeowners to patch the joints in case of cracks, instead of requiring a brick mason.  Here’s a close up of a fire pit & patio with NC Flagstone: 

In progress patio, just need some plants and boulders to finish it off!
North Carolina Flagstone patio & sidewalk

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  1. The fire pit with the stone is very nice!
    I also like how you added the boulders to make the landscaped areas look more natural.
    Great ideas for low maintenance care.

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