Roman shade or drapes? Which is better for privacy?

If you’re trying to decide between shades and drapes for window treatments, know that they both have advantages. 
A roman shade will raise and lower for privacy, but one disadvantages is if it’s an inside mount (as shown here) it will block some view even when it’s raised. 
Roman shade (right), full length drapes (left)
combination of roman shade with drapes make a nice combination on
the window treatment above

Mock Roman Shade
(which does not raise and lower)

Full length drapes with roman shades. The drapes can open and close, and the labor for drapes is less expensive to make than functioning roman shades. Also, unlike the photo shown below, it’s nearly impossible to get four roman shades to open to the exact same height. The photo below are mock roman shades (non functioning). They create the illusion of height, to make your ceilings feel taller.

This Valance has a mock roman shade look

Mock roman shade (does not raise and lower)
Three mock roman shades work well in this bay window
For hundreds more window photos (before and after adding window treatments), see this link: 
A roman shade often requires less fabric than drapes, but it’s more labor intensive. Custom drapes can allow complete privacy because they’re wider than ready made (store bought) drapes. 
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