What privacy solutions are best for uneven height windows or two story windows, without blocking the view?! Six interior design solutions!

Do you have uneven height windows or two story windows that seem impossible to create privacy solutions without blocking your view? 6 must read tips from an interior designer.

1) Often the choice of window treatment hardware is what matters – it can make or break whether window treatments are possible. Notice the small finials on the top photo, so the finials can still fit inside the slanted ceiling.

2) In the top photo, the use of traverse rods allow the drapes to open and close. The brackets for the side windows are adjustable in depth (protrusion from the wall) which made it possible for us to hide them behind the center panels. This homeowner had problems with airplane lights, which are now solved by the drapes we custom made!

 3) Keep in mind that it’s not always necessary to have 2 panels (a left and right) for every window. In the photo below, we did OUTSIDE panels only, so we wouldn’t block the client’s amazing mountain view. If your designer and seamstress are qualified, they can plan the drapes to meet in the middle without having a huge stack back that looks heavy and blocks views.

4) People often fret about whether drapes will “block their view”, as you can see from the photo below, when the window treatments are made in the correct width & style, you can achieve both privacy AND the option of no blocked views. Notice how the drapes actually soften the harsh “unfinished look” (see below). And best of all, they have amazing sound absorption and help with cold drafts in the winter and harsh heat in the summer. 

 5) It’s acceptable to ignore the height difference, (see below)…..and if you want it to be less noticeable, you can always use drapery rods that are a light color so they blend with the wall.

 6) In the cathedral windows below, the use of two story drapes actually draws attention to the beautiful arched transom window.

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