How to update my master bathroom with rugs, valances, paint, and hardware

When you update your master bathroom, the entire master suite feels more luxurious. People often forget that small things can often make a huge impact – for the least amount of money.
– a large plush rug to replace the small rugs at each sink
– a custom window valance to add color and texture
– new hardware on the cabinets. And no, it doesn’t have to match the faucets! As long as the two finishes compliment each other, they can be completely different.
– a can of paint! If you pick the right color, notice below the impact it will make

New hardware on the bathroom cabinets can make a world of difference! 

AFTER added window treatments
We updated this master bath with a plush bronze rug,
and spa colored window treatments 
Bathroom BEFORE 
Bathroom paint and a new vanity seat
A framed mirror for the bathroom is a big improvement

For great bathroom photos, from small changes to major remodeling, type “bathroom” in the search box. There are some unique ideas you won’t want to miss!

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