How to get a duvet cover or bedding that is large enough for a tall mattress?

How to find a duvet cover or bedding that is wide enough for an extra thick mattress? Well we hear that question all the time. Store bought duvet covers are normally too small on the sides, because today’s mattresses are thicker than they used to be.

Here are some tips for getting a duvet cover that is large enough for today’s thick mattresses.

Duvet covers come in a variety of pretty styles
Even high quality bedding is often too small for today’s extra thick mattresses

OPTIONS to achieve a large duvet:
1) Get a custom made duvet cover sewn with a FLANGE around the edge. See photos.

duvet cover with contrast fabrics and contrast flange 

Here’s another style duvet cover, with contrast fabrics. 
duvet cover with contrast fabrics 

Here’s the advantage to adding a flange to the edge of your duvet cover – the insert won’t be too small for the extra large duvet cover!

duvet cover with buttons
and contrast flange 

2) If you have a queen mattress, you can you put a king size size duvet on a queen size bed. This often works for extra thick mattresses.

3) For custom king duvet covers – you can increase the yardage to 9 yards instead of 6 yards, so it will be wide enough for an extra thick mattress.

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