How to convert a bedroom into a stylish home office library.

To create a home office look in a room that’s a basic box,  you might need to add architectural appeal, such as bookshelves or woodwork. Even moldings and trim work can create that masculine Ralph Lauren feeling. Another option is to bring in leather, or some mens wear fabrics as shown below. 
Leather and rich dark colors can help create a library or home office setting. 

Built in bookshelves help to create a library or home office look 

If you’re not after a men’s wear look, you can use
colors like the above. These built in desks are a very functional use of space. 
A desk in front of a window gives you a nice view while working.
AFTER (Above)  
We were able to make this home office a lot more functional by adding 
file drawers, a MUCH more comfortable desk chair, guest seating, & good lighting. 
BEFORE   Below 

Men’s wear fabrics like plaid, houndstooth etc can help
make a home office look more cozy

We hope you enjoy converting a room into a home office. It’s often a great use of space, especially if you remember to
add shelves and file cabinets for storage…..also a good comfortable desk chair is important. There are many more articles and photos with desks and libraries, just type a search word in the search box (top left corner). 

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