How to make a room feel larger and the ceilings feel taller, 4 designer tricks

To make your room feel larger or your ceilings feel taller, create an optical illusion. During installations,
we always get this feedback “my ceilings look taller” and/or “my room looks bigger“. It’s very exciting how it tricks the eye, it works every time if the window treatments are done correctly.

It’s hard to capture in a photograph – but to find out how it could change your room just tack fabric just under the crown molding (above the window) so you can see how it would change your room. Any fabric hung above the window frame will create the illusion of larger windows, as if you spent good money for transom windows.


We added a Kitchen Valance, hang treatments high to make the room feel larger & the ceilings feel taller 

BELOW – the window looks too short next to the kitchen cabinets. 


The window cut off the room making the ceiling feel low

This kitchen window valance was hung next to the crown molding
We  added cheerful colors to the kitchen
which went well with the  black & white tile floor


The other designer’s window treatment made the window
seem shorter, and therefore the room felt smaller 

2) Hang large art, this tricks the eye to make the room feel larger – try it – it works!! This especially works with vertical art or a huge square art piece.

This room felt larger with the addition of a large art piece 

3)  Paint an accent wall, notice how this emphasizes the height. (below photo)

4) Paint the area below the chair rail the same color as above the chair rail, that way you don’t chop the room in half.

Do you have tricks for making a room feel larger? We love to hear your comments. Or, for questions,
send us an email instead.

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Happy decorating!! We hope these tips on making a room feel larger will give you some fun options.

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