How to accessorize over a hutch, mantle, or bookshelves, 5 must read tips for what to put over your mantle.

To accessorize over a mantle, think “less is more”
If it has too many items it will feel like clutter. 

To accessorize over the mantle or hutch, make sure the accessories…..

  1. are large enough for the area (most important, especially if you have tall ceilings)
  2. are unique – after all, it’s the focal point! Do they drag your house down or take it up a notch? 
  3. vary in texture and sheen, height and scale
  4. if it’s a mirror, make sure the reflection is a nice view – not of an ugly ceiling fan that you dislike!
  5. can change with the seasons 
Notice the mirror reflection is of the beautiful coffered ceiling.
Accessories over this mantle can be changed with the season
For this Greensboro, NC client we added live branches and shimmery Christmas ornaments 

In Progress
Find accessories which are large enough !!
Above bookcase –  anything smaller than the 28″ pottery would seem too small.
A large antique trunk would be a nice addition beside the plant   

Pottery, wood, & books, think variety when adding accessories
the same would apply to bookshelves

This hutch felt too short for the tall ceilings, the 32″ tall accessories
solved it. They draw the eye up so you appreciate
the beautiful molding on the ceiling.

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