Are valances out of style? 4 must read tips for finding a good valance fabric and style.

Are valances out of style? Well…..that depends on the style, sometimes they do scream “1980’s!!” Whether it be for a kitchen window, a bathroom window, or an office, a valance can make a wonderful improvement. For 3 main reasons:

Here are four must read tips to find the right valance fabric & style!

1) Use a solid fabric for the main portion of the valance. 

Try using a print on the edge for trim only. By keeping it simple you won’t grow tired of it! People tell us they never tire of this, and it’s easy to find rugs or art to coordinate with a solid!

We made Straps from a contrast fabric (for the valances below).
This Greensboro NC homeowner was happy to
choose from fabrics we spread out in her room.
It helps your visualize the end result (unlike looking at small swatches)

The straps add texture and color, the folds create a roman shade style
To find the right valance, use sketches or renderings so you’ll know what you’re getting! 
The client did not like her valance from day one. 

The store that sold it to her only brought a small swatch to her home
The ruffles were too busy for her taste, and the ruffles made it feel dated
These were the fabrics we found for the valance below.
Today’s valances are clean & simple, with wonderful fabric combinations

2) Stick with a structured simple style valance. 

Avoid ruffles and fru fru, which are more suited for a teenage girl’s room or for a master bath Jacuzzi valance. It doesn’t have to be boring, you can still add contrast welt, a contrast mitred edge, or a slight curve.

Valance with 3 contrast fabrics 

The ruffled valance felt dated
The print on the fabric was too small for the huge room

In progress

Notice how a Valances can fill a “gap” or empty space
They make the windows look taller

3) Know that sometimes a valance is the perfect solution,
They can draw the eye up to make the room feel larger or the ceilings feel taller.

4) Valances can hide your blinds
If you like, you can hang it so that when you raise your blinds, they’ll be hidden behind the valance. This allows a clean look.

Yes, Valances are sometimes the perfect answer, as in the cases above, but the “fru fru” valances from the 1980’s are definitely out of style! Think timeless – when you find a fabric that is not too busy you’ll love it for years.

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