Convert the living room into a home office, with these 9 must read tips !

It’s easier than you think to turn your living room into a library or home office here are 8 helpful tips.

When you convert an unused room into a home office or library, it will feel like you added square footage to your home! If the space is rarely used, it’s worth it to convert it to a space you’ll use daily.

First ask yourself which room in the house is rarely used? – normally it’s the formal living room. Or maybe the dining room? Then proceed to set the mood……

A Living Room space we converted to a library
in Greensboro NC 

 1) Paint the walls a rich color —or—- if budget is unlimited (don’t we all wish) change them to cherry or mahogany. If you want to add wood but can’t do the entire room, consider one wall (behind the built in shelves).

2) Consider built in book shelves, (if you’re custom making them, I recommend file drawers on the lower half). If you don’t want to do built ins, add a piece of furniture with open shelves. Built in shelving units can be VERY pricey, so read on for cost effective alternatives.

Home office with built in shelves and a sofa seating area

3) Know that a small dining table or a game table (above) can multi-function as a conference table!

4) Think function – need file drawers? You can always paint metal file cabinets found at a local used furniture supply store. Need lighting? Adding floor lamps will be less expensive than hiring an electrician. Need an escape area? A comfortable chair and or a flat screen might be helpful.

converting to a home office
5) If budget allows, change the carpet to hardwood floors or add an area rug in rich earth tone colors. This will help to set the Library mood. 

6) And most important – remember to reuse, refurbish, recycle! People always think they have to buy  new furniture, they want to spend a lot of money on a new desk, new chairs, etc. We normally have to convince them their own items will look amazing once they are recovered or refurbished. Notice the wing chairs which are now in a men’s wear fabric. We also kept the two mahogany chests, the desk, and the desk chair (which we recovered).  Updating furniture allows you to spread out the budget for the other items you’ll need to turn the room into a well designed home office.

full lenght drapes made the ceilings feel taller
the wing chairs were recovered in a men’s wear fabric with houndstooth pillows


7) Update the window treatments –  remove silk or florals, change them to linen or something with a Ralph Lauren / Library feel. The above before/after shows why this is a must!!  Think outside the box to create a library feeling, perhaps hounds tooth print or a leather trim?

8) If possible, add leather, even if it’s just an ottoman or a pillow, leather can create the home office or library look.

9) Need a space to read? Add a floor next to a comfortable chair and or a flat screen might be fun!  
Converting a living room into a home office is something most people say they’re glad they did. It will more than likely become a room you’ll use everyday! 

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  1. I've been trying to convert my living room in a home office. So far, all I bought were Bali window coverings. I love how they look but it's not as much progress as I would like, haha. I was looking around for a good desk that's black, for a more modern look, but is of higher quality so it actually lasts. I don't really want to buy something cheap just to have to replace it every year.

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