How to update an old wing chair, 5 designer tips!

The best way to update a room on a budget is to update an old chair. If you have a wing chair or other hand me down that feels dated due to the dark mahogany wood or the dreary dated fabrics, find inspiration with these photos and tips.

These wing chairs have an updated look through the
paint technique on the wood & with the updated linen fabric. 
Consider painting the frame, if you prefer a bright paint, use lacquer or gloss. 
You could also paint it black, or white, the options are endless!

This old wing chair looks fun and new through the
use of two tone fabrics. 

Consider contrast welt. Add a decorative throw pillow for lumbar support.
When you recover an old chair your help the environment! 
Wing chair looked old, it was in dire need of an updated look,
notice how much it changed the look to leave the skirt off! 

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