Valance or drapes? What window treatment is best for my window?

People often ask if their window needs a valance or “some type of window treatment above the drapes” instead of just drapes alone. To determine the right window treatment style, it depends on a lot of variable, the shape of the window, how you use the room, if the window treatments need to function to block light, etc. As a rule of thumb, valances can be a nice window treatment for these two areas:

1) Over a kitchen window (because you damp mop often, you might not want long drapes).

2) Over a Jacuzzi tub area in a bathroom.

Other than those areas, full length drapes are often the best route for a window treatment, because if they’re hung in the right place, and in the right style, drapes make the window look taller and wider, and in return, this makes the ceiling look taller. They don’t require a valance above the drapes, as these photos will indicate. Sometimes less is more!

Full length drapes instead of a valances.
with valances instead of drapes. The valances did not
look appropriate in a nice master bedroom, as they
 made the windows look to small. 

AFTER (In Progress)
Notice the drapes do not block daylight. They look more substantial than the swag, which felt too skimpy in a 2 story room with a huge stone fireplace.  This room is a work in progress, 
with chairs & wall paint in the works. The sofa was in a dated fabric, we recovered it in gray linen.

This window treatment felt too skimpy
in comparison to nice full draperies.

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  1. Our rooms seem quieter and cozy now that we added the drapes…much needed with a house full of children!! It was an added bonus to find out how much drapes absorb sound.

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