What type hardware to hang my drapes?

There are endless options for drapery hardware – for your drapes, valances, and other window treatments. Below we’ll show some of the many options. One thing for sure, if the fabric is stunning, the hardware really isn’t what will demand attention, so it’s not necessary to break the bank for the most expensive hardware.  In these photos it is very noticeable, but that’s mainly because it is the subject matter of the blog! 

The silk drapes are so luxurious that there is no need for fancy
hardware, this Greensboro homeowner opted for simple metal rods that
do not compete with the beautiful transom window.
For this window treatment, we put tabs tops on the silk drapes (instead
of wooden rings). This is a nice option when you won’t open and close
the drapes very often.
The hardware for this window treatment is a clean and contemporary grommet
style. This allows you to oe drapes without the need for wooden rings.

If you do not intend to open and close your drapes, short rods are a nice look. For
this Greensboro NC home, we put wooden rings on metal rods. The wooden
drapery rings are an upgraded look, they’re more substantial than metal rings.
Hardware for windows (the rods, finials and brackets) come in a variety of styles.
You can use short rods as shown below, so the hardware doesn’t compete with the nice
shape of the transom windows.
This set shows rings and finials that match the rods, but
 the rings can also be a contrast color.

 If you have window treatments in several rooms, it’s nice to use a variety of hardware, for example
you could use black rods and finials in one room, with a walnut finish in another room. The you could add metal hardware in a third room. As long as they compliment each other, there’s no need for the hardware to match.

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0 thoughts on “What type hardware to hang my drapes?

  1. I am glad to read this blog. I had no idea about window treatments. It is refreshing to hear that I don't have to break the bank on accessories like this. It gives me more money to speak elsewhere.

  2. I really like those short rods, what a great solution. The window looks much larger with this treatment. Can you tell me what size rod is that? I didn't know they sold rods that size.

    Also, do all window treatments on the same floor of your house have to match? Is it ok perhaps to have a couple of windows with bamboo natural blinds and another with wooden blinds? I have installed professional window treatments but I did it according to the window functionality, i.e. how much light I received per a particular room. But then I have read other designers say that all window treatments on the same floor should be the same?

    What's the guideline for that? Thanks so much Deborah!

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