How to layout bedroom furniture, can the bed be in front of a window?

In some bedrooms the bedroom furniture layout is dictated by the architecture.
See photo below as an example of this:

In some cases, the window is located where you’d like to put your bed. If this is the case, you can add drapes to make the window appear wider. See photo below.
In this bedroom layout, the Bed is in front of window
the drapes help the narrow window feel more “in proportion” to the queen bed

To achieve the best look, you’ll want the window to appear wider than the bed and nightstands. This can be accomplished through the use of drapes. Notice above how the blue drapes are a nice wide “backdrop” behind the bed. That’s the simple trick to putting the bed in front of the window.

The one instance when it’s tough is if the window is not centered, if that’s the case, we often drape the entire wall so it doesn’t matter that the bed is only in front of part of the window.

In some instances, the homeowner doesn’t need the extra lighting if they have plenty of windows they’ll ask if we can put the bed in front of the window. This can be done with closed drapes or art, as shown below. Covering the window with art was much cheaper than remodeling, and safer too. That way, this bachelor didn’t hurt his resale value. 


 bed in front of the window
This bedroom layout was the only way to fit a king in the room
See how we made it more appealing (below)
Bedroom AFTER
We hung artwork in front of the window (with blackout board covering light from the window)
This achieved the bachelor’s request for a very contemporary look.

If you’re trying to determine the best layout for furniture in the bedroom, here are 4 helpful tips.
  1. To plan your layout, a king mattress is 6’6″ wide, a queen is 5′ wide, a full is 4’6″ wide. With most headboards, you’d have to allow for a few more inches on each side. You can layout the room on graph paper, to make sure things will fit between windows or doorways.
  2. For visual reasons, it’s best if you can see the head of the bed (the headboard) when you first enter the room. It normally feels awkward if the foot of the bed is the focal point. Those who study Feng Shui will even insist on this.
  3. If you are limited on space, it can be helpful to find small nightstands, or nightstands that are up on legs (so they can be placed in front of windows). Remember that’s it’s actually a good thing if your bedroom furniture is not all part of a matching set.
  4. If you must place the bed in front of a single window, it’s best to hang drapes the entire width of the bed or better yet, across the entire wall.
Bed if front of window
Notice the drapes soften the fact that the bed is not centered
Some bedrooms only have one perfect furniture layout, while large bedrooms have several furniture placement options. When you have options, you’ll find that creating a bedroom furniture layout on paper will make the decision an easy one!
See additional photos of beautiful bedrooms & more design tips:

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  1. I have short windows and tall windows both. Why don’t builders think about the bed placement?! I appreciate your photos which gave me a solution.

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