How can I incorporate eco friendly green items in my home.

We’d like to share some photos on how to refurbish, reinvent, or recover your furniture! It’s fun to create new uses for old furniture, or recover dated furniture. The photos below will astound you.

Yes, it really is the SAME chair! A little creativity and a gorgeous fabric goes a long way! You’ll feel great about green living and doing what’s good for the environment! 

AFTER (recovered chair)
reupholstered in luxurious chenille

new uses for old furniture 
Consider a bookcase makeover. Donate books so others can enjoy them.
Think of ways to change your furniture – can you remove the doors? Can you change the appearance by adding mirrors or faux painting? Is there a piece of furniture you rarely use that could become a bar or display area? See the above piece – which is now a functional wine bar.

By thinking of the environment and refurbishing old furniture, you’ll create something you can enjoy.
Refurbishing furniture can become a fun family project, and creating something useful (such as the wine bar above) will allow you to make better use of your home.  

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