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Monday, February 12, 2018

Four unique options for furnishing a living room corner!

 A corner of a room can look unfinished, especially in today's large rooms. In order to create more intimate conversation areas, we pull furniture away from the walls, this can leave the corners looking bare.

Here we'll show you 4 ideas for decorating a corner of a living room. These ideas run from free to upwards of thousands of dollars. There are numerous other options of course, feel free to leave a comment below, with your favorite way to fill a bare corner.

1) An indoor tree - to bring in a touch of nature! 
Anytime we add an indoor tree, or plant stands & a grouping of plants it makes the room come alive. They bring the outdoors in!

2) If music brings you joy, and you want to go extravagant - perhaps a baby grand piano!?

A piano looks great in the corner below. The piano is beautiful, especially with the windows in the background. This is a great way to make an unused corner functional.

3) Twigs or branches from the yard, or any touch of nature! 
This adds a fun artistic touch, with movement and texture. It brings in the feeling of nature! It is something that can be accomplished immediately, for no money. The branches or twigs can be placed in star foam, or spray foam or pebbles, whatever you need to use to keep them upright in your planter.

3) A game table!
A table and chairs makes a corner functional. It creates a cozy space where you can look outdoors, it allows the sofa to be pushed to the center of the room for more intimate conversation.

4) Large artwork, and a cool table
The mid century modern table below is perfect in the corner!
After                                                                 Before
After photo - Living Room Art 
A living room corner can be the most attractive part of the room!

So whatever way you like to design a corner, whether it be a tree,
a bar, or art, have fun with it! 

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