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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

4 design tips to update a kitchen without replacing cabinets, with before & after photos.

Kitchens can look fresh and updated through new lighting, fabric or furniture.  It's not always necessary to replace the kitchen cabinets for a fresh new look. If you'd rather not face the time challenges (and huge budget) that a kitchen remodel costs, Reconsider these 4 quick fix changes that can be done overnight: 

1) New Pendant Lights! 
Notice the major impact when you add color or new lighting! The accessories & pendant lights add personality to a room!

2) Add a window seat! 
Fabrics and accessories add so much to a room, with their lovely colors & textures, not to mention a window seat is a great place to read or watch the children outside. Check out these inviting window seats! 
3) Update a matching dining "set"
Our light gray dining chairs compliment (but do not match) the dining table. Mixing and matching furniture from two different manufacturers keeps your home unique! Furniture can make or break a space, the style of furniture can completely transform the style of a space.  

The light gray chairs (below) have a light bright feel, which changes the feel of the room. See the before photo below, the prior homeowner had dark brown chairs, which made for a darker more traditional feeling.   

Sedgefield home in Greensboro, NC: 
Before Below

4) Window treatments that do not block daylight! 
In the before, the center kitchen valance blocked 28" of daylight and sky, since they were hung inside the frame. In the after photo, custom made valances are hung above the windows, to allow you to see the beautiful trees & sky!
After, valances hung above the window                      Before, valances blocking the view

Want other ideas for updating a kitchen? Including minor kitchen remodeling ideas?  Check out these popular ideas & photos: Update a kitchen on a budget! With amazing before and after photos!

A kitchen update can be more affordable than one might think. New lighting, new colors or fabrics, or new kitchen furniture can make a huge impact. And the best part? These are things you can take WITH YOU when you move to a new home someday. Also, they can be done in days instead of months. They're fun options if an entire kitchen remodel is not in the overall budget.

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