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Sunday, December 31, 2017

How to mix contemporary furniture in a traditional home? 5 interior design ideas!

Often people think the style of their home's exterior needs to dictate the style of the furniture & the decorating. Here we'll show 5 interior design ideas to mix in contemporary or mid century modern furniture in a traditional home. 

You can use contemporary or modern furniture in an older traditional style home, or you can go with whatever style you like, be it eclectic or craftsmen or mid century modern. There are ways to help unexpected furnishings "blend" with the architecture of the home. 

Our clients in the Winston Salem home (top photo below) preferred a contemporary look. They were tired of the jewel tone rugs and antique furniture they had for years.  Whatever your taste, there are ways to blend the traditional style of your home with a more modern interior, such as: 

1) With unexpected touches!
The chair below gave the homeowners the fresh contemporary feeling their formal study once had. The solid cherry built in wall unit and crown molding was dark and formal, so this unexpected chair changes the mood of the room. Notice in the before photo the brown leather chair was dark and blended in with the dark walls. 

Also unexpected are the light ivory and gray contemporary rug and abstract art, the last thing you'd expected in a formal traditional home.   

2) Today's fresh color tones!
Notice the rug below is a traditional PATTERN, yet the color tones are not the dark burgundy, forest green, camel tones of rugs past. The lighter tone on tone colors of this ivory and blue rug make it feel fresh and updated. The silver cocktail table is also an unexpected color tone to help update this very traditional living room. 

The lounge chairs below are a Traditional SHAPE, but the turquoise leather and silver nail head make them a more updated or contemporary look.  

AFTER above, BEFORE below

Before >>
3) Updated floor lamps & Accessories
Today's high quality floor lamps are often about 5 1/2' to 6' tall, while the floor lamps from the 90's were often about 4' tall. See photo above. The taller floor lamps blend well with today's furnishings. Also notice the after in the bookcases, we removed some shelves, and added larger more contemporary accessories. 

4) Mid Century modern blends with many styles!
The light fixture is traditional, or industrial, the art is abstract, the kitchen table and chairs and the plant stand all have a mid century modern feel. The color pops of orange, teal and a medium wood stain are a nice contrast to the light gray walls in this kitchen. 

5) Light Fixtures can change the mood of a room! 
The home below has a rustic traditional style, with ship lap walls and a contemporary upholstered headboard. Even more unique is the light fixture, which is contemporary. Sometimes unexpected touches make the room more interesting! 

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Modern or contemporary furniture can certainly work n a traditional home! Do you have an idea you'd like to share? We'd love to hear your thoughts, click "comment". Or, for questions, be sure to email us instead! 


K Foust said...

Love the changes and colors!

Marsha Stanley said...

These transformations are awesome and look so modern!