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Interior Design Photos on our web site
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Thursday, September 7, 2017

What are the benefits of an interior designer? Six benefits you may not have thought of.

Wondering what benefits there are to using an interior designer, or what disadvantages? Here we'll list 6 unexpected ways they can make decorating, remodeling or updating a breeze. There are the obvious reasons, such as they'll provide ideas from a fresh pair of eyes....experienced eyes. In some cases gifted eyes. They'll show you ways to envision colors, size and scale, and most important - an overall plan, due to years of experience!

Not sure you agree? In that case, it's best to try one consultation, to determine whether they "get you". Do they understand what you want your home to convey?  Perhaps you like family friendly? Or simple and sophisticated? Or unique and artistic? A place you love to come home to? A place you'll be proud to entertain? Whatever the mood you want your home to convey, a qualified interior designer can help you achieve it.

And while you're at it, look for a designer who looks out for your best interest financially. How? READ THEIR REVIEWS!!! Even if you have a nice healthy budget, that doesn't mean they should rush out and buy you expensive items without an overall plan. They should first discuss your priorities throughout the house. Take for example our homeowner below, she was ready to spend 80% of the budget remodeling one room, Yet, at the same time, she expressed that most of the rooms we're functional, nor appealing to her, causing most of the house to be unused space. We showed her fun ways to update & improve all 11 rooms on the first floor! Now she tells us she enjoys every room in the house!

From the cozy corners where she can read a book, to the screened in porch which is now very inviting, to the dining room where she actually entertains guests and has hosts church meetings! She tells us that for the first time ever, she uses every room to it's utmost potential. 

Here's a few of the ways a designer can benefit you. In the below photos, you'll see ways we made the client's home feel updated and new. These methods are quick and inexpensive to achieve! They aren't from the toss out the old, bring in the new way of thinking, they're a more conservative approach, when you already own good quality furniture that is too nice to get rid of. 

1) A designer can find new uses for existing furniture! Better still, they have the team of upholsterers, seamstresses, and delivery men to be your one stop shopping, to make the process easy!

Throughout this blog, you'll see ways we found to re-purpose old furniture including:
  • Armoire converted to a mini bar, 
  • Dining hutches turned into low height servers, 
  • Complete beds made into a modern headboard.... the sky's the limit with a creative designer. 

When you're chairs are "before imports" from Hickory Chair, (with 8 way hand tied coil springs) it would be a sin to toss them and buy new. We recovered her sofa & chairs, she's thrilled with the new look (while keeping the comfort and quality she loved). Below - we recovered the chair, and omitted the skirt. We relocated it from the living room to the guest room.

AFTER                                                                                                       BEFORE below,with skirt

2) A designer can suggest ways to make your rooms more functional. 

The below dining room was rarely used until we did the following 4 things.... now it's a favorite spot for guests!
  • Comfortable chairs
  • Server for serving food and storing dishes - and it's only 11" deep!
  • Drapes - for sound absorption
  • Colors - a yummy color on the walls and in large abstract art! 
Our client now hosts church meetings & has friends over. Notice we kept her same dining table!



3) An interior designer can help you think outside the box! 
  • We painted the bathroom cabinets white! (Instead of replacing them) 
  • Added a corner light fixture
  • Updated window valances 
See the before and after below, we saved the client over 20,000 from a bathroom remodel she was originally considering. With this substantial savings, we were able to do updates to the entire house, with new light fixtures, rugs, furniture, art.... updates of all kinds in every room.

4) An interior designer has access to unique merchandise, at better prices. We added a bathroom light fixture & updated the valances!


                         BEFORE below 

4) An interior design firm has sources for all your needs, upholsters, installers, contractors, seamstresses and more. Below, we made an upholstered headboard, to replace the four poster bed which overpowered the room. 
Notice the details..... the custom shams are 7" wider than store bought, so they hide your sheets. And the king bed in gray linen looks great with nail head trim and one large custom pillow, instead of a busy print bedspread. 


We replaced the "matching set" bedroom mirror with a new lamp and round mirror!

In each bedroom, we upgraded bedding, headboards, mirrors, bedside lamps, or whatever the room needed so the homeowners could feel like it was a fresh new look (without replacing the  dressers & nightstands, which were nice quality and sentimental to the homeowners.  

BEFORE right >>>
5) An interior designer can provide amazing fabrics and art, that you may not find in local stores. They have access to high end designer fabrics, and are often able to sell them at good discounts off retail.  

Often  shelving can be a clutter catcher (like the bookcase before). A corner can be transformed to be a spot you'll love walking by each day. Our client tells us the sunshine colors in this art make her very happy!

Check out these master bedroom updates! We added....
  •  A swivel chair (to enjoy the outdoor view), 
  •  Linen drapes for privacy or room darkening, 
  •  New art and a floor lamp. 
  •  We kept the high end mahogany dresser, which the homeowners love!                          

AFTER                                                                         BEFORE>>>
6) A designer can help you think "outside the box". 

Below, we made an "awkward unused space" more functional. Beside the refrigerator, we added rustic wood shelves for cookbooks, a plant, her favorite pottery, and wine glasses. 

To see the changes we made in the dining room, living room, sun porch & more, 
check out our prior blogs! We hope you enjoy! 
There are ways you can benefit from an interior designer, whether it be for design ideas, budgeting and prioritizing, reducing clutter, adding color, or for remodeling tips, it's often helpful to go to a source that has the experience and vision to make it happen.

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