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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

4 amazing ways to brighten a dark formal room!

Often a traditional home can benefit from a fun and "unexpected" lighter look. Whether it be through art, a unique rug or chair, a contemporary punch, anything lighter in color will change the mood of your home from dark and formal to a fresh updated look. What personality do you feel fits your style? 

 Below, the library had real cherry wood bookcases which we kept exactly the same. The homeowners were accustomed to a brighter home, as their prior home was on the west coast. 

1) Add a contemporary chair! 
  • A modern floor lamp, end table and a contemporary rug rug. 
  • Gray paint below the chair rail (to cover dark brown paint)
    AFTER                                                                                                          BEFORE

It's all personal preference. This contemporary chair certainly changed the entire feeling, and the funky little stainless table and floor lamp added to the fun fresh vibe. 

2) Abstract contemporary art changes the mood of a formal baby grand piano room. 

The architecture in the home is very formal and traditional, the art has a light fresh feel. 

3) A cocktail ottoman in light blue is a fun twist to replace a cocktail table. 

The coffer ceilings and traditional french doors get a fresh update with abstract art above the mantle. 

4) A new chandelier can change the mood of a room! 

The four amazing examples of a contemporary chair, abstract art, new light fixtures, and lighter wall paint colors show how you can brighten a dark formal room! If your home is not conveying the mood you want, it can sometimes be a quick easy fix that can be done over a weekend! 

1 comment:

James Randall said...

I never thought to paint below the chair rail. You are right it does make the room look brighter and larger.