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Monday, August 14, 2017

What furniture layout is best if I have very little wall space in my living room?

When you have limited wall space, the furniture layout can be tricky. We suggested a new layout & new furniture for the living room below. The new layout had 6 advantages

1) As you enter the room, your eye is drawn to the beautiful window view! Your eye no longer "stops" at the back of the sofa! With a beautiful yard, this was important to the homeowners.

2) The furniture is now closer together, for easier conversation.

3) The room feels inviting..... since the entrance is not blocked.

4) The swivel chairs allow the homeowners to look out at their lake view, OR turn toward the sofa when they have guests. They can enjoy their morning coffee while looking outside or entertain guests.

5) A cocktail table with a large wooden tray allows both comfort for lounging AND a convenient spot to set down drinks!

6) Round end tables bring in a new shape, to soften all the straight lines, and they have the advantage of not taking up too much space.

A professional Interior Designer should consider function as well as beauty! This living room is now comfortable for conversation and functional for viewing the outdoor view from swivel chairs. A qualified interior designer should ask questions about your goals:
  • How many people do you wish to seat? 
  • How durable should the fabrics be? 
  • Do you prefer a monochromatic look or a colorful look? 
  • Will abstract art add enough color for you? Or do you prefer colorful rugs and pillows? 

The Greensboro, NC homeowners now find the room to be both appealing AND comfortable. When you have little wall space, small end tables are helpful. Low height chairs that won't block the view, are advantageous. When you have little wall space, furniture that is floating (not pushed against the walls) can provide a lot of layout options.
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