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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

How to achieve more seating in a small living room?

Overstuffed, or large scale furniture takes up a lot of space. Take the room below for example. The overstuffed chairs  had 8 1/2" wide arms (x two) = 17" of wasted space. Since they had a pair, that was 34" of space - almost three feet!

If your goal is to seat more people, there are several factors to consider. 

AFTER                                                                              BEFORE >>>
Here's a close up of the beautiful colors and textures (we wrap fabric on site before doing custom sewing).  ....

Large end tables or large ottomans often keep you from being able to add more seating.     

This Greensboro NC homeowner's goal was to achieve more seating. We brought them smaller ottomans & smaller end tables.  The room seated 4 people when we started. We replaced the overstuffed chairs with two pairs of smaller chairs, now the room has the potential to seat eight people instead of four!

 Before  >>>> 

Furniture with exposed legs (instead of skirted) will make a small living room appear more spacious!   

See above, once we replaced the skirted chair, ottoman & table with a lighter look, the room felt twice as large.

Consider borrowing a comfortable host and hostess chairs from the dining room. Or, perhaps you have a bench in a bedroom that could be used during holidays?

We hope these before and after photos & ideas for a small living room were helpful. Questions? Be sure to email us at For many more before and after photos, check out our prior blogs!

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