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Interior Design Photos on our web site
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Monday, July 10, 2017

Would an interior designer make my home look like a furniture showroom, or too formal?

Would an interior designer make my home look like a showroom or too formal,? That is often a huge fear! And rightfully so. The answer to the question is - "that depends". Some designers will, in fact, make your home look too much like a furniture showroom. Why? Perhaps because it's easier to buy a matching set from one source, or perhaps because they don't listen to your goals, or perhaps because they try to impose their own personal style. The reasons could be varied.  But there are advantages to working with some design firms. Here we'll go into detail how to avoid getting a look you're not happy with. 

If you need extremely durable fabrics, rugs & pillows or want accessories that are actually functional, then it's important to know which interior designer will respect your goals. 

Four things you may not know about interior designers: 

1) Some designers are much more affordable than others!  

Some designers are outrageously expensive.  Others are quite affordable. How to know which is which? Ask yourself these questions: 
1) Are they new in the  industry? Or do they have the years of experience and contacts that will benefit me in the long run? 
3) Do they advertise? Or do they stay busy from referrals? 
4) Do they keep their overhead low? Or do they have an expensive retail location? 
5) Are they willing to do a "test" run, (one presentation), to see if I'm happy?
6) Have I compared their reviews to other designers reviews? 
7) MOST IMPORTANT - were their reviews from CLIENTS or from SUPPLIERS? 

Some designers require a large retainer and your signature on a contract. Others are willing to work hourly to find your furniture, lighting, rugs, art, etc. (knowing you'll continue to work with them if you're happy). 

2) Some interior designers have access to one of a kind amazing pieces! 

Not only do they go to warehouses, and markets that only sell to the trade, but the successful ones get a phone call when the best new deliveries arrive! See below, a fabulous vintage rattan sleeping sofa for the porch. As the Winston Salem, NC clients said, they had never seen such an interesting piece at a furniture store. A designer can even provide ONE OF A KIND unique pieces that cannot be reordered from the local furniture store, like the rattan sleeping sofa below! 

 AFTER above, BEFORE below

3) Some designers can help you agree, when you and your spouse have different goals or taste.  

Perhaps one spouse thinks the house is fine the way it is? Perhaps the other one knows the home has the potential to be more functional or inviting? Or - Perhaps one spouse wants to remodel a bathroom, while the other feels the budget could be more wisely used to update the overall look of the entire home? Or - perhaps you're not sure how to make it all flow and really come together?
A qualified interior designer can help by providing visuals (or a rare few even provide on site viewing of the actual art, lighting, rugs, accessories, furniture, etc). This can make it much easier to make decisions. They can make it all come together, with less time and stress!  If you and your spouse have limited time to get your schedules together, you're not alone. Rather than spend your Saturdays in furniture stores, the convenience of in home shopping with a qualified designer might solve your limited time issues. 

4) Some Interior Designers can make your home family friendly & functional!

Don't want your home to feel family friendly, inviting, the opposite of a fancy furniture store? And NOT like every other house in town? 
A qualified designer, will LISTEN regarding life style and needs. How to know which designers are capable of this? Read reviews and check their web site with these questions: 
  1. Do all their photos look similar in style, or are they able to work with a variety of styles? 
  2. Do their photos look too traditional for your taste? 
  3. Do all the homes look to formal? 
  4. Is their web site limited to one home? 
If so, keep up the search! 

For specific details:  How to keep interior design fees low?

Below BEFORE (BOTTOM photo). The original designer didn't listen to the client's goals for "simple" and "not ornate". See our AFTER (top photo).  
We replaced the headboard, busy animal print bedding & moved the family photos to the hallway.  

BEFORE Bottom photo

This takes us back to the original question, will an interior designer make my house look too formal, or like a fancy showroom? And the answer is, that depends on the designer! I hope these tips were helpful. I'd love to hear your feedback and comments!  


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