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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

4 amazing reasons to mix & match fabric patterns!

It's easy to buy fabrics exactly as shown on the furniture store display, but if you want to make your home stand out, consider mixing and matching fabrics. I equate it to an outfit, you wouldn't want your dress, scarf, belt and purse to be exactly like someone else's.... and the same goes with fabrics in the home. You can customize them, mix and match them, so your home is a reflection of you! Here we'll list 4 reasons to mix and match patterns in one room. 

1) So you can avoid the furniture store "set" look!

Mixing in a fabrics that doesn't match the "matching set" means you'll have an exclusive look! In the dining room below, by selecting a contrast fabric for the host and hostess, this home now has a unique one of a kind look that is not offered in stores. If you use fabrics that are not the same brand, or not from the same collection, you'll achieve a one of a kind look! 

2) So your home can be a reflection of your style & taste! 

By incorporating your own mix and match patterns on the sofa pillows below, this living room now has a personal touch, unique to this one home. The pillows on the sofa do not match, they didn't come with the sofa as a "set", this allows you to make a personal statement.

3) So you can incorporate various color tones! 

Below, the lovely mix of greige with gray with oatmeal is so soothing. Fabrics are a great way to
incorporate textures, color tones and patterns. Notice the left pillows do not match the right, this can be nice if you like a casual relaxed look, rather than the way the furniture store display was set up, with everything matching.

If you prefer symmetry, then you can mix in a new pattern or texture through art (like above the mantle below), or with a patterned rug, see below photo.

3) Because change can be fun!  

Changing a fabric here and there - whether it be a pillow or throw or even a cocktail ottoman can change the personality of the room. It's an inexpensive way to make your room feel fresh and new! 

We change our wardrobes, we plant new flowers, we even change our hair color, but for some reason when it comes to a home we all tend to get stuck in a rut. Notice in the photo below, how introducing new pillow fabrics or colors can make a major impact! 

Selecting fabrics can be fun - some interior design firms will even bring bolts of fabrics to your home to spread out in the room. Fabrics can be the least expensive way to update a room, by recovering a cocktail ottoman or chair, or adding a throw or contrast pillows, these are all fun ways to update a room for a fresh new look!

Mix and match fabric patterns can be a fun way to make your home unique, or to change it with the seasons, or to make your home reflect your own personal style. Your thoughts? We love it when you share your opinion, click the word "comment" below. 


Philip Weikel said...

I love how the different patterns in the pillows and curtains all work together!

Melissa said...

Love this! Your home will never look like your neighbor's! Great info!