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Friday, June 16, 2017

6 outstanding design ideas for your new patio or deck!

A patio or deck can be a wonderful place to enjoy your back yard. But BEFORE you dive in and call the remodeling company, consider these 6 design ideas. A stone or brick patio is difficult to change once you start construction, so it's good to consider all your design options before diving in. Below, we made 6 design suggestions before the landscape company began.  

If you make design changes BEFORE the landscape company or general contractor provides a quote, you can avoid expensive change orders!

Jamestown NC Patio After photo

We made 6 change to this patio, now it's a perfect spot for entertaining, and each of these changes made a major impact!  

1) Consider the height! 

Rather than build the patio the same height as the yard, we raised this patio to the same height as the interior rooms. Now the patio feels like an extension of the house!

2) Will your interior rooms be darker if you add a roof ? 

The answer is without a doubt, yes! 
Unless of course you're talking about a very tall roof, with several skylights. We omitted the roof, so the interior of the home would not be darker. Large umbrellas & a tall maple tree were brought in to solve shade needs. If your rooms are not as light as you'd like, it's important to not make a change that will make them even darker!  

3) Plan around the view! 

We suggested the steps be made wider, (as shown) so the view was not blocked by iron railing.  City codes may dictate railings, but perhaps you can get the "open look" you want, and still pass code. Notice the hand rails on each side of the steps. If wide steps are not an option, perhaps you can add a landing? There are many options to consider when building a patio. 

4) We added a French door! 

We got several quotes for the patio, the savings allowed room in the budget for a new french door! See far left, notice in the before there was no window or door.   

Now the dining room has a beautiful french door, with access to the patio, for no additional expense in the long run! Before the dining room felt closed in can. After (Left side of photo) it allows convenient access to the patio.  

BEFORE deck with NO french door on Left 

5) Shop for clearance sales! 

We found this display model with a Viking Grill and stone surround at a local gas grill store. This display was quite a bargain with a built in sink, stove, and grill all in one!
The patio now has a mini kitchen for much less than one would normally cost. Interior designers have access to numerous sources in town, such as suppliers and contractors.

6) Don't forget the lighting!

If you do the wiring before you lay the brick, you'll have all the lighting you need! 6 outdoor lights are now on dimmers to solve exterior lighting needs. And because the lights did not come in a finish we liked, we had a high quality paint applied, so they match the iron railing.

This patio with a new french door, an outdoor stove, grill, and sink, built in lighting, and privacy wall were all added for no additional cost to the original contractor quote. Interior designers often offer solutions that are well worth the cost of a one hour consultation. You can also get great ideas by searching before and after photos of patios online. Sometimes outstanding design ideas are easier and more reasonable than one would think!

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Melissa said...

Wow! The French door made a huge difference! Love it!