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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

3 creative ways to accentuate your two story windows and ceilings!

A room with tall ceilings needs tall art, drapes or furniture. Notice the impact between the before and after photos below. Below, we added custom made tall drapes and  large canvas art to draw the eye up to the stunning ceiling. In this Summerfield, NC client's home, the client commented that they loved the way the tall drapes and large artwork draws attention to the pretty architecture!

1) Add large art! 

BEFORE - Below

2) Tall drapes! 

These two story ivory drapes make the room feel cozy, they also absorb sound, and draw attention to the beautiful view outdoors and the stunning chandelier! Imagine how stark the room would feel if there were no drapes? Drapes are not just for protection from the sun and privacy, they add beauty as well as function. They make a room feel complete. 

3) Add beams to the ceiling or a large round chandelier! 

Notice how these wood beams with steel compliment the shape of the architecture in this room with tall ceilings! The chandelier is a large scale due to the tall ceilings.

A two story room or room with tall ceilings can feel as cozy as a smaller more intimate size room..... as long as the size and scale is correct. By incorporating large furniture, art, chandeliers or tall drapes, the room can feel cozy and complete.

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Anita H. said...

The large art really settles that room. Wow, what a difference in the first set of before and after pictures! You did a great job!

Cheryl Bradham said...

Beautiful drapes! Colors pull furniture, flooring, makes the whole room !!!