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Interior Design Photos on our web site
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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

How many shelves should I use in a bookcase or built in shelving?

Bookcases and wall units normally look best with a couple of shelves removed. That is, unless you want shelving for displaying books only. Built in cabinets can look great with a few large accessories. In the Greensboro NC homeowner's room below, the opposite wall (not shown) housed all their favorite books, that left these wall units for displaying accessories. 

We were able to accentuate their favorite family photos and art by removing some shelves, and omitting the small accessories which the clients did not love. 

To determine how many shelves you should have, consider the following three:

1) Symmetry
The below shelf is on the left side of the room, the right bookshelf is not shown. We removed the same number of shelves on the left and right, to create symmetry. 

2) Favorite items
The client's favorite photo in the "before" was only 3" x 5". We had it enlarged to 8" x 10" and added a beautiful frame. By removing small items, you now notice the client's favorite collectibles. 

We're all in the same boat, we all need to edit. It's helpful to enlist the help of a designer, a home organizer, or a friend. That way you have a scheduled time slot set aside. Speaking of which ... hopefully I'll get to my own shelves this year. What's that saying? The shoe cobbler never has shoes! 

AFTER above 
BEFORE >>>>>>>

3) Room Size
The larger the room, the larger your accessories should be, so that size and scale will be "in proportion". Clients tell us they love our accessories because they're large, unique, and reasonably priced. Interior designers have access to showrooms that are not open to the public. Some designers even stock pieces, so you're not ordering from photographs!

To determine how many shelves you want in your room, the above three questions can be helpful.
A bookcase is like a closet, it's best to keep the things you love, and pass on those things you are not sentimental about.

It's not easy to find time to organize accessories and favorite collectibles, but it's sure worth it once you do so!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

6 proven ways to keep deer from eating flowers and hostas!

Until last year I had never planted a flower. Mind you, I had planted lots of trees and shrubs, but never a flower. And now..... well I get it. I understand how once the gardening bug takes hold of you,. You can't wait to plant more! We love watching the butterflies & bees, we love watching the birds. 

Most of all, we love that last year's Hostas, Japanese grass, elephant ear and perennials came back in the spring, larger than expected, after being dormant through the winter! Nature is such a gift! We've learned along the way, these tips: 

1) Find out why deer are choosing to eat YOUR garden.  

In our case, it was a hickory tree luring them in!  You can follow their path, where their hoofs leave a trail each night. In our case the hickory tree nuts were enticing for the deer. That was the main source of their dining pleasure! Sure they occasionally chomped on the hostas too, but it was the hickory tree nuts that actually lured them to the yard each night. Since the tree was leaning towards the house and dangerous, it had to come down. I notice that the deer visits are less frequent.  

2) Critter Ridder spray works!! The only downfall is you need to respray after a rain. So, consider the pellet sprinkles as well as the spray. It's easily found at Home Depot stores.

Save your money on the fake owls!  
You'll see sales pitches which state that moving a fake owl around will keep deer away, but the people I've talked to said it did not work. I'd love to hear your feedback.  You can always go for a garden statue that simply brings joy!  Meet Yogi Frog below! Just look at him smile.... 

3) Deer do not like human hair!

Ask your hairdresser for left over hair, spread it around plants. It worked for us! Or, you can always put hair in knee high hose.

4) Deer don't like rock pathways & patios. 

Deer don't seem to cross our stone patio. We love adding rocks - they add such beauty to a garden. The beautiful cinnamon, taupe, gray, brown, rust colors in rocks are another gift from nature that is truly ART!

5) LED lights. 

We noticed the deer dodge the plants that are right beside outdoor up lights. Some people say they get used to the lights and come to a yard with lights anyway, but it has worked for us. Also, the lights shining up the trees look truly magical at night.

6) Plant herbs! 
Herbs like Rosemary, Mint, and Lavender.... deer don't like the smell!

And......if you have a sprinkler or drip system, don't forget to protect your sprinkler heads from the deer!

A drip system saves us hours of carrying around a pitcher of water. See below, after the deer broke a few sprinkler heads, notice how we used rocks to "protect" the sprinkler heads so the deer don't trample on them.

Notice the black pop up sprinkler - to the left of rocks in this photo. .

I hope these tips are helpful, they worked for us. Comments? Click the word comment below. I'd LOVE to hear your feedback! Or for questions - be sure to EMAIL instead. And for interior design ideas.... please see the next post.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

3 creative ways to accentuate your two story windows and ceilings!

A room with tall ceilings needs tall art, drapes or furniture. Notice the impact between the before and after photos below. Below, we added custom made tall drapes and  large canvas art to draw the eye up to the stunning ceiling. In this Summerfield, NC client's home, the client commented that they loved the way the tall drapes and large artwork draws attention to the pretty architecture!

1) Add large art! 

BEFORE - Below

2) Tall drapes! 

These two story ivory drapes make the room feel cozy, they also absorb sound, and draw attention to the beautiful view outdoors and the stunning chandelier! Imagine how stark the room would feel if there were no drapes? Drapes are not just for protection from the sun and privacy, they add beauty as well as function. They make a room feel complete. 

3) Add beams to the ceiling or a large round chandelier! 

Notice how these wood beams with steel compliment the shape of the architecture in this room with tall ceilings! The chandelier is a large scale due to the tall ceilings.

A two story room or room with tall ceilings can feel as cozy as a smaller more intimate size room..... as long as the size and scale is correct. By incorporating large furniture, art, chandeliers or tall drapes, the room can feel cozy and complete.

For more before and after rooms with large art, see these What size art is best for my room?

Questions about two story windows or rooms? Email us today. Or for comments, click comment below.