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Thursday, December 29, 2016

White fabrics with dark leather - 3 designer ideas!

Brown leather can look rich and elegant, but too much of it - well that can just feel dark and dreary! Here are tips for making a room feel lighter and brighter if it's full of dark leather. 

1) Ask yourself if you can move some of the pieces to another room. Perhaps the dark leather chair can stay, but the dark leather sofa could be move to another room? Just because it was purchased as a set, doesn't mean it has to all be in the same room together! 

In the room below, the dark leather chair gets a fresh light look with white linen drapes and bright white paint on the trim, moldings, and built in desk. 

The leather chair below has an unexpected addition of a bright white chair, 
which works due to the addition of white in the art and white sailboat. 

See below - notice how the dark brown leather blends well with a white sofa and light gray rug due to the white painted trim. 

2) Ask yourself where you could add a nice unexpected touch of leather?
Mixing fabric with leather can be a great way to compromise, if one spouse likes fabric, but the other prefers leather.
  • Perhaps a leather cocktail ottoman?
  • Perhaps a leather chair with white light wood trim?
  • Perhaps a leather hide rug?  

The sofa looks nice due to a punch of color in the cinnamon and blue pillows. Notice the tone on tone gray and white rug doesn't limit you for adding any color pillows you prefer! 

In this room, only the dining seats are leather, while the backs of the dining chairs are a light color. Once again, the cinnamon and blue accessorize help with this mix and match approach. The accessories  keep a light fresh look that works well with the white walls. 
3) Perhaps two tone is possible? This cocktail ottoman has both fabric and leather!
In this Greensboro NC Lake Jeanette home, we only covered the round ottoman in brown leather, 
so we could add white linen pillows and light linen drapes.

And to answer the question - Which is more durable- leather versus fabric?
See the pros and cons of each at  here: 

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