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Thursday, November 3, 2016

How to make a small bedroom look larger?

With a few simple tricks to the eye, you can make a small bedroom feel larger! 

Here we'll show you 4 ways we updated this bedroom, and in the end, the bedroom looked as if we actually added square feet! Perhaps you want to keep your queen bed, or even add a lounge chair, but aren't sure if your bedroom will look too crowded? 

1) Replace small art with large art!

Vertical art is best.  A large piece of art will actually make a small bedroom appear larger. 

2) Hang tall drapes high, close to the ceiling!

This will make the ceilings feel taller, and the room feel larger. 

3) Paint all the walls the same color.   

In the "before" below, there was an accent wall with dark paint. Accent walls are best in a large space, or a space which has great architecture that you want to accentuate. See our blog which show several examples of great spaces to paint an accent wall. Now, with the bedroom painted the same color, the room feels larger. 

4) Replace the short headboard with a tall headboard. 

A tall headboard actually makes a small room feel larger.


A small bedroom can feel larger with the above 4 design tricks, for a nice welcoming guest room try any combination of these today. Comments? Click the word comment below. We love hearing your ideas and what worked for you!

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