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Friday, October 14, 2016

What size and shape cocktail table for a long sofa?

What shape cocktail table is best? Well, there's advantages to the various shapes and sizes, we'll go over each below. 

1) A rectangular shaped cocktail table is convenient!
A long rectangle means more people having access to set down a drink! Approx 2/3 the length of your sofa is nice, if room allows.  

2) A pair of small cocktail tables can be easily moved whenever you like.  
If you notice a guest wants to set down their drink, they're easy to move. They also have a fun unique look! Notice they are spaced about 8" or 9" apart, so they end up taking up the same amount of space as one long cocktail table. 

3) A square contemporary cocktail table (below) helps settle a large open space. 
If the height of it is low, you can go with an over sized one, If it's taller than your sofa seat cushions, you'll need to make sure it doesn't overpower the room. 

4) A round cocktail table help soften a room, when the room has a lot of angles. 
The table below looks great because the chair has a curved shape to compliment it. 
A round table in a large room normally needs to be at least 45" in diameter. You can cut newspaper in the shape to play with the size. 

Cocktail tables can really change a room! A large one can be handy for serving food, or for board games. Small cocktail tables can easily be moved to use where needed. Do you have a favorite shape? We love hearing your comments, click the word "comment" below. Or, for questions. be sure to email us instead. Your room shape or sectional shape will often dictate what shape your cocktail table should be.

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Lanette Wells said...

I LOVE the two cocktail ottomans in the photo that are pushed side by side.