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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

How to decorate a laundry room without renovating?

Clients often request that we remodel their laundry room with expensive changes 
including decorative tiles, new counter tops or cabinets. 
At times this would use up a tremendous portion of their budget for the entire house. 

Here we'll show design tips for updating the laundry room. 
Best of all, we'll make it a fun and colorful room on a limited budget. 

1) Add Art! 

You spend a good deal of time there, so keep in mind that a laundry room deserves art just like any other room in the house!

This canvas art can be wiped off, there's no glass which would constantly show spots due to splashes.

<<<< AFTER 

           BEFORE >>>>

2) Colorful fabric  (on a window or door). See below!
Fabric patterns and textures can change a room tremendously. Note that below the fabric is the inspiration for the wall color in this laundry room.

3) New wall paint. 
The yellow wall paint in this laundry room gives it a beach like feeling, and family photos add a cheerful vibe with reminders of fun vacations! Notice the art behind the hanging rod....when you have company, it makes the laundry room a more attractive space.

Do you have ideas for decorating a laundry room? We love hearing your comments, just click the word "comment" below. Or, for questions be sure to email us instead.
A laundry room can be decorated without changing the cabinets and counter tops. A new wall color, art, window treatment or family photos can all be a great addition. In the above laundry areas we used these to update laundry rooms without using up a large portion of the budget for the entire house.
And if you hate missing your favorite TV shows while doing Laundry, well here's one more homeowner's idea of what a Laundry room should have! 

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