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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Which trees and shrubs are both fast growing and deer resistant?

Do you want quick growing privacy trees and shrubs that are also deer resistant? It's easier to achieve than you think! We decided to do the planting ourselves, we weren't happy with what the landscape architects designed, it was going to be too high maintenance, and they didn't want us to put in berms. 

Not only did we save over $6,000, but it was good exercise and quite full filling to do! 

Here's the steps -  which can be done a little at a time, as weekend projects:  
1) Built a berm!
  • We brought in a truck load of dirt, (not top soil which might have washed away) and we created a curved shaped island (or berm) where we wanted privacy. Why? For two reasons:
    • Our 5' tall trees instantly create privacy up to 7' tall ! 
    • The raised beds help the newly planted trees, so they don't struggle to compete with large established trees for water and nutrients. 
    • Some might say the island (or berm) is optional, but we love what it added to the look! We found James Crosby of Repairs Now to be great to work with, whether you're doing a small job of planting shrubs or a major project of regrading with a Bob Cat.

 BEFORE below

2) We used 5 gallon container trees! 
The roots won't take as long to grow if you get 5 gallon containers instead of 3 gallon, which is an important aspect if you want to obtain privacy quickly. 

We called numerous nurseries in Greensboro NC, Winston Salem, and Oakridge. We found the best selection and service at LA Reynolds in Winston Salem, NC. We love the quality and variety of trees we found there! They were also very helpful in discussing which trees and shrubs are deer resistant as well as quick growing. 

3) Choose placement based on sunshine! 
Most trees will grow faster if they receive at least 5 to 6 hours of sunlight! 

Before planting, ask about the sun versus shade requirements of your trees and shrubs. This can help you decide where to plant, or you may want to trim branches which block daylight. Available sunshine will  "tell you" where you should plant. 

4) Consider growth rates.
Before purchasing your trees, consider whether you need quick growing, deer resistant, shade tolerant, or all three!

We chose Cryptomeria Radicans, (per Eddie at LA Reynolds in Winston Salem NC they have a quick growth rate and deer aren't apt to destroy them). For variety, we intermingled Nellie R Stevens Holly trees & Ligustrum. 

For trees that provide quick privacy, are deer resistant, and do well in the piedmont area of North Carolina, Cryptomeria Radicans and Nellie R Stevens were our choice!

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