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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Using light fabrics with a dark stone fireplace, 5 design tips!

 A dark stone fireplace does not limit you to using dark leather and rustic fabrics. It's fun to mix and match, with light cream fabrics, light gray, or soft neutral colors that will actually compliment the earth tone colors in your stone fireplace. See the transformation in the photos below.

If you're ready for a fresh set of eyes as they say, try a one hour consultation with a qualified interior design firm. The client below almost gave up the search, when the first design firm quoted her an outrageous price for a retainer. Know that all design firms are not alike! Read reviews, check BBB ratings, and try one consultation for a "test" to see whether you're a good fit. There are benefits of working with an interior design firm. They can help you view things from a new perspective. They can provide fabrics  and furnishings which aren't always found in local stores.

See the BEFORE and AFTER below. We transformed this living room with 5 main updates:

1) We recovered the sofa!

By reupholstering this client's sofa in a light oatmeal linen, omitting the skirt, and touching up the exposed wood legs, we gave her the fresh updated feeling she desired.

          BEFORE photo>>> 

2) We removed the overpowering piece that was too large (right of fireplace) 

This client never really liked the dark bookcase the furniture store sold her before we met. It competed with the fireplace, it was dark and overpowering. By replacing it with a fig tree, the room now has a fresh welcoming feeling.

                       BEFORE Below 

3) We replaced the dark leather wing chairs with the shorter club chairs. 

4) We replaced the dark busy pattern rug (5 x 8 above) with a larger gray and mocha rug.

5) We removed the skirt off the sofa, for a lighter look!

The new rug compliments the colors in the fireplace, rather than competes with it.

A qualified designer can help you fix what you don't like about the room (in this case our client had always felt that her huge recliners were overpowering the space), yet she loved her high quality Hickory Chair sofa. You can't buy furniture today that is as good of quality as the construction of her sofa, so we recovered it!


James Randall said...

You did a great job with recovering the sofa. The white fabric really brings the stone fireplace to life.

Andrew Mayon said...

Beautiful work!