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Friday, May 13, 2016

Should the window treatmenat fabric match the wall color?

Should the window treatments match the wall color? Well, that depends on several factors - Do you like a tone on tone look? Do you love rooms that only have two or three colors? If so, matching the drapes, valances, or roman shades to the wall color may be just the thing for you!

In the below room, the drape color matches the slanted ceiling color.

Bedroom drapes that blend with the wall color create a soothing tone on tone look 

In the above room the drapes are similar in color to the wall color. This creates a soothing tone on tone room which is especially nice in any of these cases:

a) If the room is small
b) When there are lots of windows and drapes
c) For those who prefer a soothing tone on tone look
d) When the drapes will be functioning. Imagine yards and yards of fabric in an intense color or a bold print - it could be overpowering!

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As to whether the drapes should match the wall color - it's personal preference,. Some people prefer a contrast look, other people prefer a tone on tone look.

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